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Dr. Lin realizes that for many patients, undergoing a surgical procedure may cause anxiety. In his effort to help this process, Dr. Lin offers the opportunity to communicate with previous surgical patients.

If you are considering corrective surgery and would like to learn more from actual patients, please call one of his offices for more information.

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I am very pleased and satisfied with my back surgery. I feel like I was born again -- doing much better than before the surgery. I can walk non-stop with no back pain at all. Dr. Lin is one of the best surgeons for back surgery. My surgery was very successful. Thank you so much, Dr. Lin.
Dora. November, 2016.

Dr. Lin & his staff are wonderful. I never waited longer than a few minutes for my appointments. His staff is friendly and caring. Dr. Lin never rushes you and answers any questions you have. Some doctors come in and out which doesn't happen here. I'm thankful that I no longer need to be under his care, but wish that all doctors would learn from him. Thanks!
Sangkoo. October, 2016.

I was free of my back pain immediately after surgery. After one year, recovery seems to be complete. The care and reassurance I received from Catherine Nguyen, PA-C was perfect. I can not say enough about the help that I received from Dr. Lin and his team. Thank you.
David. September, 2016

It's a wonderful feeling not to have the pain I once experienced. I can't thank you and your staff enough for all you have done. Also, going into the operating room, everyone there made me feel at ease. I will always be grateful. Thank you. God bless.
Ann. September, 2016.

My spinal surgery to relieve sciatic pain was performed by Dr. Lin and his staff. I consider the surgery a success. It has been a little over a year since the surgery and have no discomfort or pains. I am able to golf twice a week with no difficulty. I feel that golf has been a great help in my rehab.
K.G. 2016.

I think my care from Dr. Lin has been very good. My surgery went well. I also felt better than I thought and had a fast recovery. I still have some upper back pain when I work too much, but I am very happy with Dr. Lin.
Claudia. June, 2016.

When I first met with Dr. Lin, I was in bad shape. I had trouble walking and sitting and was in a great deal of pain. I had been to the emergency room because of my inability to deal with my issue. Dr. Lin prescribed pain medication to keep me going and scheduled my surgery within two weeks. He performed a partial discectomy to repair the herniated lumbar disc. The results were immediate and my quality of life returned. I highly recommend Dr. Lin if you are suffering; he will heal you.
Mitch. Partial Discectomy, May, 2016.

From not being able to walk 20 feet without sitting to walking 3-5 miles a day after the surgery is fantastic. The follow up appointments every 3 months were reassuring that the back was healing as planned. I met with Dr. Lin 1 year after the surgery where he confirmed that my back was completely healed. Thanks Dr. Lin for getting me back to being active without pain.
Randy. January, 2016.

If I would ever have another back problem, I would definitely go to Dr. Lin right away. He is very calm, very truthful and gets to the problem and explains what he will do to fix the problem. Dr. Lin's staff is always very caring and helpful which keeps me calm.
Polly. January, 2016.

I appreciate all that Dr. Lin did for me. I was in a lot of pain before the operation. Everything went very well as far as I was concerned. He was very clear with his explanations and everything worked out better than I had anticipated. Thank you very much for your services.
Bill. October, 2015.

Very happy with Dr. Lin's bedside manner; he made me feel very at ease the day of the surgery; and so far, I am pleased with the results. My complaint is that he does not spend enough time with the patient and that I never saw him after the surgery; I only saw the PA who was very good. In all however, I am so far pleased with the results of my surgery.
Hector. September, 2015.

I was very satisfied with the treatment / care by Dr. Lin and the follow up care with his PA, Catherine. I’ve fully recovered and returned to my usual activity. I couldn't be more pleased.
Leroy. June, 2015.

I am a 66-year-old male (who was getting familiar with the nuisances of aging). I did not recognize the cause of my increasing leg pains and numbness. My primary care physician recommended the needed testing and a visit to Dr. Lin. He and his staff are very experienced with conditions affecting spinal cord / nerve problems. He answered all my questions and presented my options (with risks) clearly. Outcomes can never be guaranteed, but Dr. Lin's skill and care are first rate. His team is terrific. MY own results are very positive. No, it is not a one inch and laser procedure. Healing and exercise are required, but I can WALK! Thanks.
Edward. June, 2015.

Dr. Lin and his staff have been professional, cordial and helpful during my visits prior to surgery and after. I would recommend Dr. Lin's office for anyone requiring consultation, surgery and follow-ups for back issues. My sincere thanks for my successful recovery.
Sharon. February, 2015.

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